Leopold Hahm

Leopold Hahm
(aged 39) and his wife of ten years, Wilhelmine Steinke (37), together with their children—Johann (9), Augusta (7), Gustav (5) and Maria (an infant)—came to Australia as free immigrants on the 853-ton Lammershagen (Captain HJ Pauls). The Hahms hailed from Rüdersdorf, Brandenburg, Germany. Also on board was a family from Perlin in Pomerania who, it is reasonable to suppose, were related to the Hahms—Gustav Ferdinand Steinke (a 24-year-old farm labourer), his wife Wilhelmine (née Linberg) aged 23, and their infant son Otto.

An iron-hulled, full-rigged barque owned by Messrs. Sloman of Hamburg, the Lammershagen, was on its fourth and last voyage to Queensland. Carrying 392 immigrants, the ship left Hamburg on 10 April 1878 and reached anchorage in the Brisbane Roadstead by 6 August 1878. However, as there was illness on board, it was quarantined at Peel Island (not for the first time) until 18 August. How unwelcome to the passengers must have been the sight of the Yellow Jack flag which was hoisted on vessels when the health officer (in this case Dr Henry Challinor) found anyone among them to be suffering from an infectious disease.

Leopold Hahm, a labourer on the Ferndale Estate, South Brisbane, died from cancer on 20 December 1893 at the age of 55 years. His funeral took place on the next day at the Cooper’s Plains Cemetery where the burial was certified by Heinrich Friedrich Dietz (undertaker), with William Lergessner and Carl Herman Lutzow (sometimes spelt Lietzo or Leitzo) acting as official witnesses.

The last mentioned gentleman who lived in Fernvale Road, off Ipswich Road, Yeerongpilly, had the sadness of burying three of his infant children at God’s Acre in the 1880s. He and his wife Auguste Henrietta, the daughter of Daniel and Ernestine (née Smerling) Schulz were from Schwartow in Pomerania and were fellow travellers with the Hahms on the Lammershagen.

According to Leopold’s death certificate, the surviving children at the time of his demise were: Johann Leopold Paul (aged 25, known as Paul), Augusta (23), Gustav (20), Ada (= Ada Mary Emily, presumably the Maria referred to above, 18), Emma (16), and Annie (10). One son predeceased him.

Wilhelmine Hahm survived her husband by many years and died at the age of 93 on 24 February 1933. Though she was not buried with her husband, it might be advantageous to include her funeral notice here as it throws some light on their descendants.

Hahm.¾The relatives and friends of Mr. J. P. Hahm (Villa Street, Annerley), Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Finger (Ekibin Road, Annerley), Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Pegg and Family (Harrisville), Mrs. E. Ryan, Walmsley Street, Kangaroo Point), and Mr. and Mrs. F. Weston (Villa Street, Annerley) are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Mother, Mother-in-law, and Grandmother, Mrs. W. Hahm, to move from the residence of Mrs. J. H. Finger, Ekibin Road, Annerley, This (Saturday) Afternoon, at 3.45 o’clock, to the South Brisbane Cemetery.

K. M. SMITH, Funeral Director