Stanley Hallett

Stanley Hallett
was born on 30 March 1899 and died at Sherwood on 21 October 1899. The Reverend James Samuel Hassall conducted his burial service at ‘Grenier’s Cemetery’ on the following day in the presence of William Francis Lyon (undertaker), and Thomas G Johnston and Samuel VD Johnston (witnesses).

The son of George Hallett (a butcher) and Louisa Bowler, who were married on 26 March 1883, Stanley was also the grandson of Richard and Keturah (née Patch) Hallett and George and Catherine (née Wharton) Bowler. Stanley’s siblings were as follows: Frederick (b. 3 April 1884), George (b. 18 October 1886; d. 12 April 1948), Ernest (b. 21 November 1888), Reginald (b. 25 October 1890), Dalmany Wharton (b. 6 June 1893), Gladys Keturah (b. 25 July 1895), Eric Bowler (b. 26 June 1901) and Harry (b. 13 November 1903; d. 13 November 1903). In passing, we may note that Keturah was the name of Abraham’s wife (after the death of Sarah) and the mother of six of his sons (Genesis 25:1-4; 1 Chronicles 1:32-33).

To situate Stanley Hallett in a wider family context, we might begin with the emigration to Australia of his paternal grandparents. Richard Hallett (b. 28 March 1834) and his young wife Keturah, the daughter of Charles and Grace (née Robbins?) Patch, set sail from Plymouth on 21 April 1855 (nine days after their wedding on 12 April) on the 914-ton Cambodia (Captain NW Paige). According to shipping records, their ages were 20 and 19 respectively. Both hailed from Somerset and were members of the Church of England. The Cambodia arrived in Brisbane on 1 August 1855 with 326 passengers on board.

Their first child, George (Stanley’s father), was born on 19 June 1857. His brothers and sisters were as follows: Harry (b. 1859), Frederick1 (b. 19 December 1861; d. 3 December 1862), Frederick2 (b. 23 March 1863; d. 31 March 1882), Mary (b. 17 September 1860), Joseph (b. 24 August 1866; d. 10 December 1941), Samuel (b. 29 July 1864; d. 5 May 1871) and Grace (b. 17 May 1868). There is some confusion with reference to the child Harry mentioned in this list. BDM records include a Harry (b. 13 January 1859), a Henry (d. 21 June 1858) and a Henry (d. 14 January 1875). Both parents are listed in the case of the first two and Richard only in the case of the last mentioned.

Keturah and Richard died on 19 December 1869 and 25 March 1916 respectively.

George Hallett died on 12 October 1928 at the age of 71 and was buried on the following day in the South Brisbane Cemetery (4A 478). The funeral moved from ‘his late residence, “Montacute,” 171 Vulture-street, South Brisbane’. Montacute was the name of his parents’ birthplace in Somerset.

Louisa Hallett passed away on 25 August 1938 at the age of 74 and was laid to rest beside her husband on the following afternoon.