Edwin George Hardy

Edwin George Hardy
, the son of George (a storekeeper) and Martha (née Simmons or Symonds) Hardy was born in Gladstone, Queensland, on 2 July 1859. His siblings were: Philip Edward (b. 8 May 1858), Alfred (b. 18 May 1861; d. 28 February 1867), Eliza Amelia (b. 11 March 1863), Henry John (b. 29 October 1864; d. 20 May 1865), Agnes Sarah (b. 16 March 1866; d. 15 August 1935; bur. God’s Acre, together with her husband, William Edwards), Matilda Esther (b. 28 July 1868; d. 18 February 1869), Edith Jane (b. 29 January 1870), Albert Frederick (b. 25 September 1872), Isabella Caroline (b. 14 September 1874; d. 8 March 1894), Charles William (b. 24 May 1877; d. 6 December 1877), and Arthur James (b. 19 February 1880).

Martha Hardy, the daughter of William and Sarah (née Collis) Simmons, died on 16 August 1912. 

At the age of 25, Edwin George Hardy married Elizabeth Fox in Tenterfield, New South Wales. Edwin and Elizabeth had seven children, some of whom were born in or near Murwillumbah, in the north of New South Wales. In order of birth they were: Amelia Martha (b. about 1885; d. 17 March 1950), Edwin George Jr (b. about 1887; d. 16 March 1958), Ethel Mary (b. 6 September 1889; d. 2 March 1913), Henry John (b. about 1894; d. 25 October 1949), Olive Emma (b. about. 1897), David Ernest (b. about 1899; d. 6 September 1957) and Edith Elizabeth (b. 13 August 1913; d. 24 October 1996).

For some years Edwin George worked as a carter; and he was living at Tuckett Road, Salisbury, when he died suddenly from heart failure on 26 March 1931. His burial service, conducted by the Reverend JM Teale of the Church of England, took place at the Cooper’s Plains Cemetery on the next day. Present in an official capacity were AA Hislop (undertaker) and J Dunstan and G Dibble (witnesses). Following a post mortem, a magisterial inquiry into Edwin’s death was conducted by the Deputy Coroner, JJ Leahy, on 1 April 1931.

Elizabeth Hardy, resident at the time at Golda Avenue, Salisbury, passed away on 28 November 1944 and was cremated at the Mount Thompson Crematorium on the following day.