Anne Catherine Nielsen (Anna Katharine Nielsen)

Anne Catherine Olsen
was the daughter of Peder (a blacksmith) and Anne (née Rasmussen) Olsen who were married in Karlebo, Frederiksborg County, on the east coast of the island of Zealand in Denmark on 12 February 1832. Peder Olsen was born about 1800 in Nivå, in the Karlebo municipality, and died there on 31 January 1872. Anne Rasmussen (b. 1804; bap. Karlebo 17 August 1806) was the daughter of Rasmus Mortensen and Karen Hansen.

Peder and Anne children were as follows: Christian1 (b. 23 July 1833), Christian2 (b. 3 October 1834; d. 6 July 1903), Anne Steni (b. 7 February 1836), Anne Catherine (b. 13 March 1837), Mathias (b. 15 March 1839), Rasmus Andreas (b. 4 September 1842), Rasmus Andreas (b. 15 March 1845), and Karen Marie (b. 21 June 1848). Anne Catherine was christened in the Danish People’s (Evangelical Lutheran) Church, Karlebo, on 14 May 1837.

In the same church, at the age of 18, she married Lars Nielsen on 23 November 1855. He was ten years her senior.

At the time of Anne’s death on 11 November 1891, their surviving children were: Peter (35), Christian (28, b. 25 November 1862), Andrew or Andreas (23, b. 29 August 1868) and Anne (12, b. 5 January 1879.

Anne’s burial took place on 13 November 1891 in ‘Grenier’s Cemetery’ in a service conducted by the Reverend John Stewart Pollock, the minister of the Sherwood (Oxley) Presbyterian Church. Others present in an official capacity were Samuel Bradshaw, a teacher at the Cooper’s Plains State School, and Noah Minchenton (witnesses) and William Francis Lyon (undertaker) who certified the burial. Noah was the son of Job and Charlotte (née Catchpole) Minchenton. The informant of Anna’s death was her brother Christian Petersen Olsen of Cooper’s Plains.

According to Anne’s death certificate she had spent 8 years in Australia, which would indicate that she arrived about 1883.