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William Price
Sr and his wife Hannah travelled to Brisbane as free passengers on the 898-ton immigrant ship Alexandra which left the East India Docks, London, on 17 December 1873 and Gravesend on 20 December. Owing to the indisposition of the surgeon-superintendent (WM Cranswick), the ship put into Plymouth where Captain O (or T?) Bulman resigned his command in favour of Captain Ellis. It was not until 6 January 1874 that they set sail again for Australia. Travelling via Cape Horn and passing two large icebergs on the way, the Alexandra entered Moreton Bay on 11 April 1874 and anchored at the Bar on the following evening. The passengers and luggage were brought up the river to Brisbane by the government steamer Kate on 14 April.

Accompanying William (aged 39) and Hannah (42) on this long voyage were their children: Mary (17), Ann (15), William Jr (12), James (9), Jane (5), and Henry (1). There was another Price family on board: Richard (49), Sophia (43), Thomas (15), Joseph (13), James (7). [

William Price Sr, the son of Thomas (a farm labourer) and Jane (née Fox) Price, was born in Wheatley, Oxfordshire, about 1835. At the age of 21 he married Hannah Eustace in the nearby village of Waterpenny. The marriage was registered in the March quarter of 1856. In his adopted country he worked as a road ganger. William died at the age of 80 on 16 April 1915 at Oxley and was buried in the Cooper’s Plains Cemetery of the following day. Apart from family members, those present included: Alex Gow (undertaker), the Reverend Edward Rorke of the Church of England, and Tom William Spring and Charles William Lyon (witnesses).

Hannah Price, the daughter of James (a labourer), and Mary Ann (née Baker) Eustace was also born in Wheatley, Oxfordshire. She passed away at Oxley at the age of 87 years and 9 months on 26 August 1919 and was laid to rest beside her husband on the following day in the presence of: Charles William Lyon (undertaker), the Reverend AC Brine—the rector of St Matthew’s Church of England at Sherwood (1915-20)—and G Allen and J Harris (witnesses).

William Price Jr (a labourer with the Yeerongpilly Divisional Board and later a brick labourer at Brittains) married Mary Ann Caroline Allen, the daughter of Job (a labourer) and Elizabeth (née King) Allen, at the age of 21 on 26 December 1883. The wedding service in St Matthew’s Church, Sherwood, was conducted by the Reverend James Samuel Hassall and witnessed by Job Allen and Sarah Jane Allen, the father and sister of the bride respectively.

William and Mary Ann Caroline’s children, three of whom died young, were: Mary Jane (b. 15 March 1884), William George (b. 23 February 1886; d. 2 August 1887), Elizabeth Ann (b. 11 January 1888), Ellen Emily (1 July 1890), Robert Henry (b. 12 March 1893), Edward James (b. 9 June 1895; d. 19 August 1905), Albert Richard (b. 27 August 1897), Ada Amelia (b. 19 October 1899), Amy Florence (b. 3 April 1902) and Arthur Herbert (b. 24 September 1904; d. 16 January 1906).

William George Price, who was ‘weakly and ailing from birth’, was only 16 months old when he died in his mother’s arms in Dr Rendle’s waiting-room on 2 August 1887. Present in an official capacity at his burial in ‘Grenier’s Cemetery’ on the following day were: William Francis Lyon (undertaker), the Reverend James Samuel Hassall of the Church of England and IH (?) Davies and DJ (?) Davies (witnesses). On the same day a magisterial inquiry into the events surrounding the child’s death was conducted by Richard Warren Weedon JP at Oxley. The principal deposition, affirmed on oath by William Price Jr, was made by the boy’s maternal grandfather Job Allen, ‘a storekeeper in Oxley township’.

Edward James Price died from meningitis in the Brisbane Children’s Hospital on 19 August 1905 aged 10 years. He was buried two days later in the Cooper’s Plains Cemetery. The Reverend John Stewart Pollock conducted the service at the graveside in the presence of Charles William Lyon (undertaker), and John Bruce and James Harvey (witnesses).]

Arthur Herbert Price, the youngest of the siblings, was only 14 months old when he died at Oxley on 16 January 1906. Present in an official capacity at his interment on the following day in the Cooper’s Plains Cemetery were: G Allen who certified the burial, the Reverend John Stewart Pollock of the Presbyterian Church, and the boy’s uncle Edward Thomas Allen and W Price (witnesses).

Mary Ann Caroline Price passed away in the Brisbane Hospital aged 42 on 19 June 1907. Her funeral service took place in the Cooper's Plains Cemetery on the following day in the presence of: AA Hislop (undertaker), the Reverend John Stewart Pollock of the Presbyterian Church, and Arthur Johnson and John Bruce (witnesses).

Born in Wheatley, Oxfordshire, William Price Jr died at the Darra brickyard on Christmas Eve 1912 aged 50 years and 8 months. He was buried in the family plot in the Cooper’s Plains Cemetery from his parent’s residence on the morning of 27 December 1912. Alex Gow was the undertaker, the Reverend John Stewart Pollock the presiding minister, and David Hughes and M Marnane, (Murnane perhaps?) the official witnesses.