Gael Lorraine Shute*

Gael Lorraine Rosswell
, the daughter of Alan and Mavis (née Greenaway) Rosswell, was born on 29 August 1959. Her maternal great-grandmother, Mary Ann Gee, was the eldest daughter of Sarah Louisa Mullen (d. 17 February 1920) about whom more may be read in the Mullen entry.

Mary Ann Mullen married Thomas Sandford Gee, the son of Robert Bromley and Martha (née Shenton) Gee, on 9 May 1888. They became the parents of: Eva Sandford (b. 1889), Elsie Marion (b. 1890), Hazel Lucinda (b. 1892), Sydney Bromley (b. 1895) and Irene Thelma (b. 1906).

Mary Ann Gee, who was living in Hampstead Road, Highgate Hill, at the time of her death, passed away on 18 August 1951 and was cremated two days later at the Mount Thompson Crematorium. Her husband died on 10 August 1920 and was buried with his parents in the South Brisbane Cemetery.

Hazel Lucinda Gee (d. 6 June 1979), Gael’s maternal grandmother, married William Frankland Greenaway (b. 23 August 1884; d. 13 November 1947), the son of Moses and Louisa (née Woodley) Greenaway, in St Andrew’s Church, South Brisbane, on 18 June 1921.

Gael Lorraine Rosswell married Robert Shute. They had no children. After her death on 25 May 1995, her ashes were buried in an urn at God’s Acre, Cooper’s Plains.