Rebecca Elizabeth Dorothy Wagner
Maria Matilda Wagner

Gottlieb Frederick Wegner
(or Wagner) was born in Prussia to Frederick Wegner (a blacksmith) and Elizabeth (née Germain) Wegner about 1845. He married Johanna O’Sullivan near Ballarat in 1873. Their children Albert (b. 1874) and Mary Julia (b. 1876; d. 7 July 1886), were born in Mount Egerton, a gold mining district in Victoria.

Gottlieb and Johanna’s other children, all born in Queensland, were: Catherine (b. 29 July 1879), Dora (b. 12 July 1881; d. 20 July 1933), Johanna (b. 25 December 1885; d. 24 February 1886), Eva Elizabeth (b. 17 June 1883; d. 10 July 1883), Godfrey Frederick (b. 16 February 1888) and Edward (b. 8 March 1890).

Gottlieb (known as Godfrey) pursued various callings after the family moved to Queensland—farmer, stockman with the Darling Downs and Western Land Company, and labourer with the Harbour and Rivers Department. Sadly, while working on the retaining wall in the Hamilton Reach of the Brisbane River, he was drowned aged 54 on 22 September 1898. The family were living in Annie Street, New Farm, at that time. A magisterial enquiry into the circumstances of his death was conducted by George M Murray. Gottlieb’s remains were laid to rest on 24 September 1898 in the Toowong Cemetery in a Roman Catholic service conducted by ‘the apostle of Brisbane’, Father Joseph Augustine Canali, in the presence of JT Smith (undertaker) and John Melville and Thomas H Brown (witnesses).

Johanna died on 5 August 1926 aged 73 and was buried in the plot that had already received her husband’s remains (7A 66 1/2). This is also the burial place of their daughter Dora who died aged 48 on 20 July 1933.

Maria Matilda Graham, the daughter of Alexander and Elizabeth (née Coulter) Graham was born in Kesh, County Fermanagh, Ireland. She married Albert Wagner, the son of Gottlieb Frederick and Johanna (née O’Sullivan) Wagner, on 13 April 1897 in the Holy Trinity Church, Woolloongabba. At the time of the marriage both bride and groom were living at Cooper’s Plains. Maria Matilda was then 21 and Albert was 22. The Reverend Hugh Simmons conducted the service.

Their children were as follows: Stanley Godfrey (b. 2 May 1897), Cecil John Alexander (b. 22 July 1898), Albert Henry (b. 20 July 1902), and Rebecca Elizabeth (b. 17 April 1904).

Private Albert Wagner (a labourer) served in the Boer War with the Queensland Imperial Bushmen (4th contingent) between 18 May 1900 and 5 August 1901. He died aged 62 on 24 June 1939 and was buried in the Toowong Cemetery (10 76 51) four days later.

After her husband’s death, Maria moved to George Street, West Bundaberg, where she resided with her son Albert Henry. She died at the age of 83 years in the General Hospital, Bundaberg, on 10 January 1957 and was cremated at the Mount Thompson Crematorium four days later. Her ashes were placed in God’s Acre—the burial place of both of her parents. For more details on the Graham family, see the entry under their names.

Rebecca Elizabeth (Dorrie) Wagner, who had worked as a saleswoman, predeceased both of her parents. She died in the Victoria Private Hospital, South Brisbane, on 29 May 1922 and was buried in the Cooper’s Plains Cemetery two days later. Those present at the graveside in an official capacity were: John W Hislop (undertaker), the Reverend JP Parker (Church of England), Tom William Spring and WE Spicer (witnesses).