This section is a memorial page for all the deceased direct descendants of those pioneers buried in this cemetery. If you  wish you may send me ( a text document and or photos about any deceased descendant  and I will then upload your document to the site crypt. Please also inform me of which direct ancestor or direct ancestors your story or stories relate to.


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The object of this crypt is to provide an area to place and honor direct descendants of the occupants of Godís Acre. It is to assist those who are researching their family history and also to bring the families a little closer to the world of today. There are many today that know their parents or grandparents but donít know their great grandparents. This will be a conduit for some. It is also our intention to provide pedigrees as well in the main folder relating to the family burial at Godís Acre.  Over time folders will appear for a family which then will have named sub folders for each of the children but will have no contents until some relative provides information relating to the deceased.  If you provide an article for one of the folders and are happy to be contacted by email please say so and the email address will be included in the file. At any time it can withdrawn or updated at your request.

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We hope you enjoy your visit and be patient as it takes a lot of time to build up so visit us from time to time as we increase the data base here.

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